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We are China fishing tackle manufacturer and have our own fishing rods production lines.

Our fishing rods factory produce both fiberglass and carbon rods, total 80 series,400 specification,Such as spinning rods, telescopic rods, surf casting rods and pole rods etc.About 1000,000 fishing rods are exported to the international markets every year.

We can also produce flagpole,arrow shaft and ski pole etc.

High-quality fishing rods start with quality materials,our fishing tackles are all designed by expert,so we can supply you high quality fishing tackle at competitive price.

新款 矶竿,路亚,手竿,中通竿,投竿,飞蝇竿,雷鱼竿

威海渔竿 光威渔竿 光威 渔竿工厂 威海钓竿 威海钓具 渔竿 矶竿 路亚 海竿 抛竿 投竿 湖竿 手竿

Boat Rod Feeder Rod
Surf Rod Catfish Rod
Tele surf Rod Fly Rod
Pole Rod Interline Rod
Jig Rod Ugly Stick Rod
Put In Spinning Rod Tele Spinning Rod
Put Over Spinning Rod Casting rod
Carp Rod Match rod
Ice rod Handle of landing net
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